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I'll just jump right into it.

by the river on the Montreal Temple side

July 30th: Wonder got baptized by his dad (Eloge).

I am more excited for Eloge because he has been inactive for the longest time, and now we are getting him excited for the blessings of having his family be sealed into the temple for all eternity!

We have been getting lots of new people from other missionaries and members, they have just been coming to us! We had a lesson with this Chinese woman named Wen Ge who was referred to us by a member in Utah.

I have to say, she is very elect. Meaning she is a seeker of truth and WAnts to learn instead of being talked at.

She asked a really good question, (I'm paraphrasing)

But it went something like, "What is the end goal in the next life? Just to have joy and live with our families and Heavenly Father, and then what?

Eternities can seem scary to some, I have definitely questioned myself that too because what is there in the next life? Just joy after joy after joy?

YES. But some may think that's boring or scary.

I don't have all the answers, but I know for a fact that heaven will NOT be boring even if it may sound boring to some.

We will carry sacred responsibilities, progress, and become what Heavenly Father wants us to become.

And that's where our mortal minds can't comprehend just how wonderful living with Heavenly Father and our family will be.

So me and my companion have decided in our next lesson, we'll show her:

The Family

A Proclamation to the World.

...and share the promises and blessings that come from raising a family in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anyways, don't fear or doubt, just keep the faith.

We met these Chinese couples at the park and talked with them (In Chinese) about our faith, and they talked about their faith.

And 2 minutes after they left, they came back waving at us and asked if they could take a picture with us. We were so happy they are the best, and if they didnt come back, we wouldn't have got their phone numba

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