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The Polar Express

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The most wild thing happened this week...

Me and Elder Byerly were metro contacting and things were going a little slow,

but eventually I saw this girl she looked about my age and I had this feeling

or prompting to invite her to church! But I kind of hesitated and thought a little too long

cause next thing I know she falls straight onto her back.

I was about to help her up but she was having a seizure. Everyone was scrambling to help her,

I told someone to call 911, someone pointed out the (Emergency Lever) which I pulled with no hesitation.

You know that scene in The Polar Express? Yeah, that's exactly how I felt.

Luckily some chill lifeguard woman comes to the rescue and lifts this young girl onto a nearby bench

and cradles her on her lap. The train eventually stopped, the young girl finally recovered, and in the end everything turned out fine.

After about 10 minutes of the subway driver fixing the lever and stuff, the train was back in motion.

I ended up talking to the lifeguard and girl. The lifeguard was literally so chill about the whole situation, she was like,

"Yeaah, this is normal. If you know what you're doing there's no need to be scared."

Honestly props to her, she's a real one.

Besides that. Our friend Yao Wang was baptized yesterday!

Everything this week happened so quick that his baptism didn't feel like it would happen, but it did!

Yao Wang is literally an angel. But as me and him were sitting on the pew listening to the speakers talk about his baptism, Yao Wang seemed a little nervous, and he was looking down the whole time.

And that made me a little worried, but I tried to stay positive the whole time.

As me and him walked into the wash room I told him that this is the first step in life to returning back to Heavenly Father.

I told him how proud I was of him.

It was a really good moment.

We then stepped into the water, I said the words, and then baptized him.

After we walked back into the washroom I asked him what he was feeling, he tells me, "I'm feeling the Spirit."

That made me so happy, I told him I was feeling the Spirit too.

Afterwards when we were in the hallway, Yao Wang tells me and the senior missionaries that the whole time before the baptism he was praying for the Spirit, but wasn't feeling any different or anything special. But it wasn't till after he was baptized that the Spirit was made known to him. So the whole time when his head was down, I thought he was regretting or something. Nope, he was praying!

What a guy. I love Yao Wang so much.

Afterwards he was no longer nervous, he was very happy and that made me very happy as well.

Shout out to my guy Elder Ford!

Elder Ford found Yao Wang through Fakebook a few months back. Let me tell you this,

Making friends on Fakebook is hard enough, but making friends on Fakebook and actually "baptizing" that friend is a very very rare thing.

The Mandarin branch is picking up speed! Soon it will become a ward.

Lots of miracles ahead! Love yall!

—Elder Johnson

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