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The Road Goes Ever On

Sorry I forgot to do my email last week! But nothing really happened last week anyway, so it actually kind of works out for me haha.

So this last week was transfers again, and I have a new Companion, Elder Ellis, and he's great so far, he's an amazing missionary and a fun gut to be around, can't wait to find more people with him. We work well with each other, and encourage each other to be better in our efforts. We had the opportunity to get priesthood blessings from our Zone Leaders, because the work is hard lately, and it was really spiritual. This week, the Sister missionaries in our ward had a Baptism! It was for a family in the ward who had been inactive for a while, and it's nice to see some of their hard work pay off. On top of that, we went to the temple! I got to experience then new endowment session for the first time! It was fantastic! I love opportunities to go to the temple. It fills me with joy and peace, and I'd invite you all to take advantage of the blessings the temple can give you. Other than that, not too much too report to yall. Spiritual thought for this week: Forgiveness. People are amazing. They are my favorite things ever. Unfortunately, sometimes they are also not the best in the world, and can be really annoying/mean/downright rude to us. But the thing we have to remember is that we are children of god! Even if they are bad and awful or have different political opinions than you or make jokes that are kind of offensive, or whatever... God loves them. Just as much as you. And he wants you to treat them with that love. I invite you all this week to rewatch President Russell M Nelson's talk from this last General Conference, "Peacemakers needed". Pay attention to what he says about forgiveness, and the invitations he gives us. Thats all for this week! Love you all! Ciao! PICS: Beautiful Skies Our cactus named Remoh A gnome we found whilst doing stopbys The Witch tower Temple trip

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