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The threee E trio! ..... April 6 2022

Aloha! You might be confused as to why I'm in a trio and we haven't had transfers yet. Sister Fisher's companion went home because of some back pain, so if you could pray that she recovers quickly that would be amazing! Can't wait to have her serving with us again!

Sister Fisher is AMAZING! She has strengthened out companionship a lot and her and my companion's name is Elina, spelt differently, but all three of our first names start with the letter E so hence, the threee E trio!

Anyhoo, a few things happened this week, but my brain is scrambled for some reason so hopefully it's not too random lol

We had yet another spirit-filled zone conference! President Bassett talked about General Conference, and how we could prepare for it. He said that we could show up with a thimble, or a barrel ready to be filled. We split off by zones later to talk about what we learned, and I loved what this one Elder said. He said "I would so much rather have a half full barrel than a completely full thimble. Even though the barrel is only half full, that just shows that I'm not done learning! I still have so much growing to do. And look how far I've come at the same time!" It gave me a new perspective at how much revelation we can receive for ourselves. "The future is as bright as your faith." - Thomas S. Monson (I think..?)

General Conference was amazing as was expected. I didn't think I'd fall asleep as a missionary, so that was pretty embarrassing... BUT I tried my best to come with a barrel. I came with some questions, and it's amazing what a difference that makes!! So much revelation just for me! I'm so grateful that God speaks to us through living prophets! I know that the Lord loves effort. When we do our part to prepare to hear him, he will give us direction and answer our questions.

We met a Chinese family off of trams at the VC! They were very impressed with the fact that I spoke Chinese.. don't know why, my Chinese is still so broken Anyhoo turns out they're from San Francisco! Only 3 hours away from home! Come to think of it, I don't think I've met a single Chinese family who isn't from California haha. But while I was chatting with the dad and son, Sister Birchell, and Sister Fisher were talking with the mom! They talked about the BoM and offered her one in Chinese! So they started running to the VC to get it because the fam had to get back on their tram, but I was still talking to the dad, so Sister Birchell watched Sister Fisher go inside to get it while she was also watching me (can't be out of site and sound rule) haha. Pretty crazy, but we all felt it. They were a special family, and I hope we can continue the friendship we made!

We went shopping today, and we meet this guy right outside the center and started talking. Sister Millar is a pro at leading the conversation to something spiritual, so we got talking about the gospel and religion. He seemed really interested in the Book of Mormon, and personal revelation! We got his contact info, so hopefully he's genuine in wanting to learn more! I've realized it's so easy to talk about the gospel with anyone! In the store, outside, temple grounds or not, we don't need to be scared about opening our mouths to invite others to learn more about and come closer to Jesus Christ.

Love you all lots! Have a great week!


1. The one and only beautiful Sister Call!!

2. I the temple

3. Sign up for a virtual tour!

4. Me and Hermana gave a tour to the CUTEST activity day girls!

5-6. We found chick's outside our pad!! So cute! He was grumps for the pic tho haha

7-8. The cool Chinese fam we met!

9-11. General conference!! We made a mega bed haha!

12. Trio vibes

13-14. Zone conference!

15 more trio

16. I got to go to the temple for the second time on my mission! About time, I love the temple so much

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Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson

It is so wonderful how you and your missionary companions are spreading the Book of Mormon, perhaps the most important book, ever. It is the words of Christ, written by prophets of Christ, and teaching and preaching of Christ. Its the book, and I don't know how many languages it has been translated into today, but 45 years ago when I was a missionary that number was about 80. Very awesome resource you have there, with multiple languages of Book of Mormon translations, the pictures, the temples, displays! An awesome mission for sure.

Congratulations on becoming a District Leader there.

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