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🎶There can be miracles🎶

If you believe

Yeah, there was a lot

of miracles this week

Ok So basically... The last week and a half have been... quite slow.

And about a week ago I was fasting and praying alot for missionary opportunities to come, and I think I wrote it in my last weekly, but basically I got this feeling that big things are going to happen soon. So I've been anticipating and looking carefully for opportunities. Anyways, this Friday, I basically laid it flat out to my comp that I felt... Not so successful as a missionary, and that I needed to open my mouth more and JUst talk about the Gospel. Anyways, we agreed to go out tomorrow and do street contacting from 10—12. CHINESE WOMAN

We met a Chinese woman at the metro, she showed no interest. But one old Chinese woman was eavesdropping, and I walked up to her and asked if she spoke Chinese, she said yah. We had a nice convo with her, and said our goodbyes.


So I needed a haircut, so we decided to go to the Chinese Barber in ChinaTown The whole time with the barber (Alan) I was only speaking Chinese. It was awESOme Anyways, he completely botched my hair. And I was this close from bUZZing my hair off. It looked ugly. But the next morning, woke up, did my hair, and I basically said to myself, "not bad." MIRACLE Anyways, I'm jumping too far ahead. After the barber, we hung out with one of our Basketball Friends (Alex) And later called up Lewis, (another friend who comes to play basketball every Thursday.)

Anyways, we all were hungry, so we went to go grab a bite. But on the way, me and Lewis had a long conversation about his life basically.

We eventually arrive at the restaurant. And I bring up about how tomorrow for church I will be playing the piano, and invited him to come. He said that another Elder invited to come too. I was like, aweSome!

Seconds later, I started talking about Sacrament, and the importance of this sacred ordinance. And also brought up baptism, and that when we're baptized, we make covenants, if we keep the commandments, have faith, repent, and endure to the End, that God will give us everything he has.

I know this Email is kinda long, but THIS is like the most awesome thing that has happened so far on my mission. It just feels so good to do missionary work. Anyways, while I'm talking about the principles of the Gospel, my companion is also talking with Alex about the gospel. Later that evening, we invite them both to come to church. They both say yes! CHURCH Alex couldn't make it because of homework. But Lewis came! And he didnt just stay for Sacrament meeting. He stayed for Sunday school too, and even an additional hour and a half afterwards!!

We showed him pictures on the wall in our church and talked about them. We even showed him the baptismal font, and another set of Elders had a small lesson with him, taught him about the book of mormon, and gave it to him! Lewis is amazing. He's tall and lanky, shy, friendly, an absolute baller , and is very curious about our church. I met him 2 weeks ago, and ever since meeting him for the first time, I just saw a light in him. He needs to hear this Gospel. And I'm just so glad that I opened my mouth, and taught him. I'm not the best teacher out there, but at least I opened mouth. I'm just thankful for Heavenly Father for helping Lewis to find us. Cause Lewis actually arrived here in Montreal like a year ago. And he's from mainland China!! Like... what are the odds. No coincidence. ANYWAYS, That's basically the biggest highlight out of my whole mission. Love yall Elder Johnson

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2 comentarios

Lenora Webb
Lenora Webb
19 abr 2022

Thank you I needed to hear your words, I too need to talk more about God and the miracle we were given his words to us, the Bible. I see many people and I know to praise God for any thing given yo us whether it be the air we breathe or the nature we see, we are blessed. I will make special effort to get our Father God's msg out there. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen 🙏.

Me gusta
Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
20 abr 2022
Contestando a

Lenora, I was just thinking these similar thoughts today, that everything we see reminds us of Christ, even all of nature, since He created the world. And all of civilization, since its part of their Plan of Salvation to let us all choose good or evil. And the Gospel of Christ to help us deal with situations where we are affected by people who choose evil, such as love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you, turn the other cheek, forgive. That goos news, the gospel, does need to get out there and we all need to talk about it more and more! Thanks again for your great comment!

Me gusta
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