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This transfer kinda do be crazy

你好 ni hao

This transfer kinda do be crazy

So far we have 2 on date for baptism and more on the way soon.

I talked about it with my family for a bit but never took the time to write it in my "weekly emails"

I actually talked a little about it in my last few emails but here's the full story:

So basically Elder Byerly (my companion) posted an ad in Chinese on Fakebook, and a few days later we get this message from a random person named Sophie Zhang who is interested in our religion asking us really sincere questions.

Me and Elder Byerly literally looked at eachother and was like,

"nah, this is too elect to be a real person."

Long story short,

she's on date for baptism.

Kinda crazy, she just came to us

She's also reading so much from the Book of Mormon and has so many good questions. It's awesome to see how much work she's been putting in. She's epic.

We had a lesson with our friend Peter yesterday with Brother Huang (member)

And it's cool cause he literally does 90% of the talking, shares his testimony and answers our friend's questions.

Peter is doing great, he's on his way to getting on the Covenant Path.

Similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago.

Brother Huang was teaching our friend Laura (the one we found on the bus)

And as he's teaching her about the Gospel and about the Temple he pauses

(And I just know through the Spirit that he's full of the Spirit) and then tells her, "This rarely happens but I want to share my thoughts with you that I know that one day you will be a Temple worker."

Me and Elder Byerly were just like, wow. It was crazy.

Anyways. So many miracles. I can't believe I only have 6 months left. Things are going by so quickly.


—Elder Johnson

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