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This week I was sick so not a lot to talk about

Hello everybody! This week I was a little bit sick. My head still hurts as I write this but it's a lot better than it was haha.

It was a little rough as far as finding people, a lot of cancelled lessons and people hanging up. But to be honest I'm used to it now, I was actually pretty happy this whole week, other than being sick haha.

Alright, so like I said, not a whole bunch happened, but if any of you have any questions, or anything you'd like me to talk about, feel more than welcome to email me!

So spiritual thought:

So some of the General Conference Talks I've been listening to recently are the Dieter F Uchdorf talks "Jesus Christ is the Strength of Youth" and the one from this year, "Jesus Christ is the Strength of Families" I recommend you give them a listen.

In particular I have loved reading though the new For the Strength of Youth pamphlets, I've read through them many times now. I love how it put the emphasis on making your choices based on Christ.

I can also testify that Jesus Christ is the Strength of all of us! Whatever we can do to align ourselves with our Savior and come closer to him, will help us to make better choices and make us happier.

I invite you to read the For Strength of Youth pamphlet sometime, and think about how you can align your choices closer to Christ in your life! How it can not only bless you, but help those around you amd give them a richer life.

That's all from me! I love you all! Adeiu!

Elder Hatch


1: we found a cool John Deer themed car on the side of the road

2: Dramatic photo of Elder Thurston filling up a baptizing font on Exchanges (it was for a member baptism of you were wondering)

3:Pic I took from a bridge

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