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TIRED (in a good way)

My MP (Mission President) once said to us missionaries,

"If you ever walk into my office and look tired or exhausted, Good! That means you're working hard."

These past 2 weeks I have felt exhAUSTed. Ded infact. There has been a SUPER strong push with working with the members, and I love it. I'm sure my Mission President is very excited as well cause he's been talking about working with the members for the longest time and now the Twelve Apostles and General Authorities made a video for all branches/wards in the church called "Love, Share, Invite." These 3 principles are ️KEY️ to furthering the Lord's work! I could delve down into this topic more but there is other things to talk about. All of my friends that I'm working with: Brandon Orhan Tracy Pillar Wonder Brandon's faith and testimony is beautiful, but I feel like HE personally doesn't feel like he's ready to come to church, we are reaching out, still loving, and will be (in the near future) inviting members to be apart of lessons with him. Orhan is also a tricky one He believes most of the doctrine of Christ which is a good start, (has a few interesting opinions about some truths,) but all he really needs is to pray to know if Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. He believes that there are no more miracles, (or prophets) that all of the Prophets stopped after Christ's death which is not true. Tracy thinks she's a member she's been attending for 8 years, but being a member is to be baptized into this church and she has already been baptized in another church and we need to help her understand proper authority. Pillar has had no time to meet due that he's moving (not too far from his original home) Therefore too busy unfortunately. And Wonder is a wonder. 15 year old boy, and with the help of our senior couple Elder and Sister Kjar, oh my goodness, they are the sweetest things, HEnce their last name, they Kare so much for all of their friends and... basically everyOne. They are amazing, and with their love for Wonder and his family they've helped so so much. Wonder will be having his baptism July 30th, so happy for him. This email is kinda long, but man oh man, these past 2 weeks have been exhausting, but in a good way. My eyes hurt just typing this. It's also frustrating when we're trying so hard to do the Lord's work, and most of our friends are not improving. But I know it's not in vain, still gotta hold onto Faith, because Faith without Works is dEd being alone. Gotta have faith and hope, when teaching my friends.

This is Elder Johnson yet again signing off, yall have a good one, peace I literally haven't took any pictures this Transfer I will this week, promise

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