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💰💰💰Tithing = power 🔋🔋🔋

So much has happened this week and last week. (My bad for not sending a weekly)

We met this guy named Paul in the beginning of our transfer. He was really chill.

We met him walking his dog and we approached him and invited him to church. He was like, "sure, I'll come."

And me and Elder Davila were pretty surprised how willing he was to come.

Fast forward>>> ️️️

About 3 weeks ago we run into him again and teach him the whole restoration.

Fast fORward sum more>>> ️️️

(A week and a half ago)

He's been going through a lot and we ask if we can meet in the evening, and he says "of course"

So we meet with him. And he asks us why we love what we do, what's the point? And have you ever talked with God face 2 face.

And we state our purpose, and most importantly.. Testify.

He then tells us a semi-long story about how 15 years ago he ran into an interesting dude telling him about the bible.

And then later in life he had a miracle where he felt God's love very strong, but then dismissed it. But he knew there was a God.

And then just recently he was even mocking and doubting that experience he had and then out of the blue, me and Elder Davila show up. And even bring up about the bible and the Book of Mormon.

He then explains to us that he thinks that this is a sign from God.

Me and Elder Davila are like, "yeS! Yes it is."

And we eventually bring up baptism, and the blessings of it. And we could feel the Spirit very strong and we invited him to be baptized, and he said yes.

We then made a plan for him and set a date for the beginning of July to be baptized.

A few days later, we have a lesson about tithing. But.. Unfortunately that topic really threw him off.

Me and Elder Davila testified the power that comes from paying tithing, cause God isn't a God of deals. Tithing is how we build up Zion and establish his work upon the Earth.

He explains to us that he is just really confused. He came here to come closer to God, not to offer him money or get money for himself.

(The sad part is is that he doesn't understand that tithing DOES get us closer to God.)

After that lesson, I really studied hard and prayed alot not only for Paul, but to understand more the importance of tithing.

And as I did, I gained an even greater testimony of tithing.

Before my mission and even during my mission, I knew tithing was good. But now, I know that it is powerful and is a wonderful way of building up God's church and recieving blessings.

Unfortunately Paul is not willing to meet with us anymore which is really sad.

But all I know is that he told us that this is a sign from God that we met him, so I know that these moments will be on the back of his mind constantly. One day he will come back.

Other than THAT long story, life has been GOOD. Finding has been incredible. I've never felt this motivated and excited on my mission until now. I'm getting way way better at contacting people on the streets and testifying of the Church of Jesus Christ. It's awesome!

Happy-late Father's day btw!

Love you dad

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1 Comment

Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Jul 06, 2023

I have an unmovable testimony of tithing, and how we never need fear it, but embrace it and let the blessings come from heaven to us over being obedient to this law of God.

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