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Tithing = STRONG 💪 testimony

Usually talking about tithing is hard but we just had a wonderful lesson with our friend Mr. Wang about tithing. We shared so much scriptures and talked about how this is a commandment given by Jesus Christ.

Shout out to my dad cause I shared some awesome strories with Mr. Wang about my dad's tithing stories. I've heard countless stories from him, and I know his testimony in tithing is so strong

I feel confident that Mr. Wang's concern and confusion has been cleared quite alot after that lesson with him. I'm hoping that he comes to learn in life just how important tithing really is cause it truly is a wonderful thing. it truly does bring blessings and builds your faith in Jesus Christ so much.

I'm so excited for him and I'm just praying that he will make that decision to enter the waters of baptism. He is an amazing guy.

That's basically all for this email, gotta go to bed and prepare for the morrow

Great things ahead!


—Elder Johnson

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