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To the Rescue!

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

On September 29 we got word that there was urgent need for strong-backed people to box the raisins down at the welfare farm in Madera, CA, a few rows that had not been completed for one reason or another, and the only people that were available from the Yosemite Ward during the day on a Wednesday were a few young men who just got out of school. We go there just in time and this video shows how it was. Thanks to these youth for their service! These raisins go all over the world to help feed the poor.

Afterwards we all went to get a treat at the local burger shop. It felt great. Wished that more youth could have taken part, because we did have a great time, but the time was very short to organize and go, actually it was same day. So think of it, how great it was that there were youth that were willing to go, on the spot, and had the greatest of attitudes while serving for a worthy cause! We felt the Spirit.

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Great and fun service projects. Come out and serve :)

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