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Vineyard Service for YOSEMITE WARD

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

This email is being sent to Fresno West Stake Bishoprics, Elders Quorum Presidencies, Relief Society Presidencies, and Young Women Presidencies. Please spread the word and encourage members of your wards and branches to help complete the upcoming Spring Work Assignments at the vineyard for your assigned rows. Email addresses as shown above were found in LDS Tools. It was noted that some of the ward leaders do not have their email addresses in LDS tools. Please have your ward clerks add them as appropriate.

Members of THE YOSEMITE WARD, we need to complete the Spring Work Assignments for our assigned rows at the Madera Welfare Farm including:

  • replacing broken stakes and posts

  • repairing broken trellis arms and wires

  • making sure the irrigation drip lines are secure and off of the ground

  • weeds are pulled

  • and most importantly, that loose canes/vines are tied to the trellis wires or posts and cross-arms.

If this work was done when the Winter work was completed, then walking down each row to make sure there are no loose canes or vines should only take approximately 30 minutes per row with one or two individuals per row. The work was can be completed anytime between now through Saturday, April 22, 2023 (two Saturdays during this timeframe).

Please contact Jamie Hansen, Farm Manager, for any questions that you might have.

Thank you for your faithful service in the Lord’s Vineyard,

Gary Davis – Welfare Farm Committee Chairman

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