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We give free Tram Tours at the Polynesian Cultural Center

"We would like to start off this tram tour in the Hawaiian way, with our shakas in the air and a big ALOOOHA! " we give free tram tours at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and and while we introduce ourselves, we say where we're from what language we speak and how to say hello in that language! So when I gave the mic to my companion people asked how she says hello in English and I said "Hello-ha!" *dead silence* tough crowd.. anyways I'm not sure why I thought this was important to put in my email, but there ya go haha!

We had transfers, and I'm staying with sister Sala! This is her last transfer before she goes home, which is sad and exciting for her at the same time!

We moved wards and houses, so now we're like a 3 minute walk from the temple!! We can see it from our window. So blessed!

It's also crazy moving from a YSA ward where no one ever feeds you, to a family ward where we had 2 member meals in the first 2 days of being here haha. Don't mind me just steadily gaining weight in Hawiwi..

Anyhoo, I feel like not much has happened this week, but I got to talk to my family today and I honestly don't know how missionaries survived only talking to their families twice a year back in the day.. I am so grateful I get to call them every week! They're one of my biggest strengths on the mission!

There's a video in our visitors' center called God's plan, and one of the things it says in there is "God shows his love for us by giving us families." And that just makes so much more sense that we would get to feel God's love for us by talking to our families every week. We get to reconnect.

It got me thinking about how we have the gift of being able to reconnect daily with our Father in heaven. We should be constantly desiring to reconnect with him.

On the mission we pray before everything we do, and I think it's so that we never lose that connection. And if we do, we simply reconnect through prayer. Granted it may not always be that simple. In the book of Enos he speaks of the wrestle he had with God. It can be hard when we feel like we're sometimes not connected or when we think we're numb to feeling the spirit, but something that elder Bednar told us when he was here is that feeling the spirit is like learning how to swim. It's a new bizarre feeling and you have to learn all the steps. But pretty soon you learn to swim, and you don't even have to think about the steps anymore, because it's just natural at that point. And that's why it feels like we're not feeling the spirit sometimes. Because we're already swimming in it!

I think I kind of botched the swimming analogy, but I'd like to invite you to evaluate where you are spiritually. Are you out of the water, learning the steps, or swimming in it? Then once you figure out where you're at, set a goal to reconnect, or keep that connection strong with your Heavenly Father. This is in other words, enduring to the end! Sorry I don't mean to sound dramatic, but the mission really teaches you to look at everything with an eternal perspective, and our purpose on earth is to learn, grow, and prepare to live with God again! And we can have Joy while doing it!

So have a Joyful week everyone! I love you all to pieces!

- 王姐妹

1. Transfer news!!

2. Haha.. rawr

3. New mission, same work!

4. Last sunrise in Haula!

5. These are called letter leaves at the VC because you can write things on them, and a day later it'll show up! 你好!

6. Nice lady wanted to take a picture with us!

7. Relief society activity w/ sister Liu!

8. Love these sisters!

9. Umbrellas are my new best friends on mish with all this SUN

10. Saved the best for last! Our whole new mission in front of the temple!

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