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We got a new referral. Yay! ...she wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon, and our church.

"Ima baack…" —Luigi

Not sure if anyone would get that reference.

Anyways, it has been… Ages since I wrote a weekly.

Nothing too crazy has happened since my last weekly.


Me and my comp have been teaching our Chinese friend Piller for more than 2-3 months, he's honestly awesome. He believes in God, and wants to improve.

So we've been building guanxi (meaning: relationship)

And talkin bout the gospel.

Me and my comp have realized that nothing big or significant has been coming out of these lessons with him, and we've also realized that we haven't talked much about Joseph Smith. So we finally had a lesson or 2 with him about Joseph Smith.

He loves Joseph Smith and all that he did, but is quite confused about why God would diss on all other churches. Aren't all churches good? Don't they all talk about Christ?

Piller thinks of all the churches as like a buffet, and that there's multiple ways to come unto Christ.

We're going to explain to him in our next lesson about why Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ said these things.

I personally believe that all churches who talk of salvation and of God have good intent, but lack the principles and ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is why it is an abomination unto God, our Heavenly Father.

Just like Jesus Christ said:

Mark 7:6

This people honoureth me with their lips,

but their heart is far from me.

Anyways, I know this to be true.

Me and my comp are doing our best to help Piller understand.

Not by forcing,

but by invitation.


Anyways, other than that. We got a new referral. Yay!

Her name is Jessica, she wants to learn more about the Book of mormon, and our church.

She has had a bit of experience with our church, but thinks she is lacking a lot of stuff in her life.


We're excited to teach her about the Gospel.

She can speak English pretty good, but she is more comfortable with her mother tongue, Chinese.

She was so hyped when she could speak about the Gospel in Chinese with us

Anyways, totally happy for her.

And…. That's basically it.


I've also been feeling bad about all of the hobos we pass by in the metro.

All they want is money, just to buy a smoke or somethin. Idk.

But I just feel so sad for them, they are so desperate.

So, for New Years, I wrapped up some chocolates, and stuff (cause i'm on a pretty strict diet, and working out more, so... There's honestly no need for them.

(I'm getting shredded)

Wrote an uplifting message on a pass along card, wrapped it all up, and waited for the right moment.

And I kept on getting these thoughts of

"They're most likely going to reject your gift,"

So what? So be it.

I gave my first gift to a woman holding a sign asking for a little help. Her reaction was so wonderful.

I felt extremely happy for her.

Same night, a few minutes later, we run into a guy askin for money. I was like, "yo, I gotchyou"

He was like sweEEt!

And instead I handed him a gift.

He was still really excited to get a gift instead of money.

He should be pretty happy, he just got 4 snickers!

A few days later, I ran into the same woman, and asked her if I already gave her a gift, and she was like, you sure did! Anyways, I gave her another gift.

But the most memorable moment was when me and my comp were headin to the mission office, and there was this guy walking down the metro train begging again and again, no one was giving him anything.

He was going to pass by me if I didn't look at him.

He stopped, and I pulled out this giant gift.

And he was like, "what's this?" And I just say "It's a gift."

The look in his eyes said it all honestly. I could tell he was very grateful. And his gratitude made me feel extremely grateful

He said thank you, and we went on our way.

Later that night me and my comp were talking about it, and something my comp brought up I will never forget was, "when do you think was the last time those hobos received a gift? A neatly wrapped up gift?

Probably… Years. Or never. I will never know.

But it's crazy to think, yeah they received money here and now, maybe even a cigarette or 2, but a gift?

I don't think so.

Honestly, it makes me happy that every one of them I met was happy to receive gifts.

And that was one of my favorite things that has happened so far.

The next one is my faAVorite lol


So… Our branch president got a VR headset for his Mom for Christmas, but doesn't know how to set it up at all.

He's in his early 70's, so that means his mom is most likely in her 90's.

She's very upbeat, and has a sense of humor.

I'm honestly surprised how young she feels.

But she is old and frail, she can't really go anywhere because of it, so her son (branch president)

bought her a VR so she can visit the beach, and not feel bored sitting watching TV all the time

So 2 days ago me and my comp have been helping our branch president with setting it up, we finally got it working. VR is honestly really cool, I personally always thought they were kinda lame and dumb looking.

(I'm sure I still look really dumb playing with it)

But it's honestly a blast and a half.

Me, my comp, and even branch president tried it out, and now I was like "Grandma has to try it"

So, we put it on her. It was kind of a struggle helping her point at the "resume" button. But she finally got it.

And her reaction… Flawless.

Her teleporting to Antarctica was just incredibly funny and exciting.

Her first words: "oh... my goOsh"

too good.

Everyone was just happy to see grandma experiencing this moment.

Afterwards she kept on repeating the same sentence over and over again: "that was awesome, I really enjoyed that, thank you."

That was definitely the biggest highlight out of these 3 weeks. Cuz it was just "new" and a creative way of helping someone having a good time.

Anyways, ima send pics in another email.

Love you all, hope you have an awesome day, peace

-Elder Johnson


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