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Working in the death

Ok my last email was titled: "Worked to Death" because we literally worked so hard that our bodies just shut down and got sick.

But this email is basically how we managed to push through it and work through the death (sickness) and try our best to not make excuses even when sick, to not do missionary work.

So basically after almost a whole week of Elder Davila's sickness we thought it was finally over..

But then I GOt a fEVer as well... For a whole week so basically a week and a half of this. Goodness.

(Currently have a headache and other minor cold symptoms as I'm writing this email)

So we haven't been to church 2 times in a row and have been inside 95% of the time.

Pretty rough.

BUT, We made a goal to find 2 people last week (which means to teach and set up a return appointment) and we managed to hit that goal.

Throughout these 2 week we've managed to have at least 5 lessons with our friends. It's not a lot but it is when you're Down With the Sickness.

Elder Davila found a person through facebook and she is awesome. Her name is Suri Wang. We met over zoom with her and taught her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and she had lots of questions. And questions are very good.

Unfortunately she's moving to Toronto which is out of our area but we are still going to be in contact.

Life has been good. It has been a little slow, but we are still doing our bests.

Thank you all for the emails you have sent me. I'm very bad at replying, that's my bad. But just letting you know that they all mean so much to me. Thank you

Hope you guys have a blessed week ️


—Elder Johnson

Not that much pictures this week

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