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You are loved, and needed.

Aloha everyone wow time flies!! I apologize for being too lazy to write recently.

First of all I want to say how amazing General Conference was! Words (at least my words) can't describe how much watching conference has lifted my spirits. I went into conference with questions written down, and the first speaker I heard directly answered my question. I knew it was just for me, and I couldn't be more grateful to testify that God speaks to us through living prophets!

We've been teaching some amazing people recently! One of them is Jesse. He is so awesome!! Before meeting with us he had absolutely no religious background. I think we blew his mind when we had our first lesson with him. I thought we ruined it for him, but he's been soaking up everything like a sponge! He loves the Book of Mormon! He listens to it on his own, and is grasping a lot! He's obsessed with gospel library, and we're so happy for him! He has a lot of questions (some of which are hard to answer) and so our lessons usually go overtime. It's good that he has so many questions tho! We end up bearing our testimonies a lot. We have another friend named Julie! She is Chinese (learning English). Her and her son have been going to church for 3 weeks now. The first lesson we had with her was so awesom!! Her face just lights up talking about the gospel! It makes me so happy to see how much she wants it in her and her son's life! We invited her to be baptized after the second lesson and she's been so excited to continue learning!

Adeline! She's 9 years old, and Has a spunky personality. It was a little rough teaching the lessons just because I'm not used to teaching kids. She's very smart, but would get bored crazy fast. I thought it would be more fun teaching kids, but I think it's probably because we're teaching such golden people right now who are actively searching for that truth that it makes it a wee bit frustrating when kids don't have that same appreciation/admiration for the gospel haha. She got baptized last week and is officially starting her journey on the covenant path!

We just had a baptism for our friend Hilo! He is so cool! He been through a lot in his life and I couldn't be more proud of him for taking making the decision to be a lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ! He looked SO happy coming out of the water! It was beautiful to see how much the gospel changes people.

Shane is one of our friends. He is friends with a member in our ward, but that member is Korean and doesn't need to live in the ward boundaries because of our Korean and Chinese group which we didn't think about. Shane has been going to our ward for a few weeks now. But technically he lives in the Hon West boundaries. Shane doesn't have a car. He works with the member in our ward and gets rides with him. We got permission to keep teaching him, and he says he would love to be baptized! We're just praying for him and his living situation (he might have to move).

I went with sister Alexander a last week. We saw miracles right away! We made a new friend online, taught him the first lesson, and put him on date to be baptized all in that morning! I learned that you can never pray too much. We said a lot of gratitude prayers before and after driving somewhere. Constant communication with our Heavenly Father shows where our mind is, and I thought that was very important.

We've been so busted busy serving and teaching others! I'll be honest, when president first called to say I would be training Sister Fifita I wasn't that excited because it didn't feel like revelation to me. He called after we were told thaf me and sister Smith were told we were staying together. He told us that we had to spilt because we could both drive and sister Smith haf to go drive another sister because she didn't have her license. It felt like our companionship was just an option to be split because we both could drive. But I know now that it was revelation that me and sister Fifita should be together. I love her so much!! She is an extraordinary missionary! From day one we have taught fairly well together. We could still be better, but that just comes with time.

I know when we sincerely pray for guidance, courage, and the right words to say, the Lord is more than willing to help us with his glorious work! I've seen his hand in our companionship, in the safety we've had on the roads, in the lessons we've taught, and I've seen him touch the lives of our friends! The Lord loves us so much. That was emphasized a lot during conference, we are all loved and needed.

We tried focusing on the needs of the wards more a coupleweeks ago. It was a really hard week to be honest. We had a friend who was on date to be baptized a few Sundays ago, but she told us she wasn't ready. It was pretty sad. We were all so excited for her. It's okay though! She'll be baptized when she's ready. I know it's all about her spiritual journey and her personal conversion. I think we're making better connections with the members tho! We're only making a dent in the work, but I need to keep reminding myself that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass!

I love you all so much!! Sorry for the long email, I had written bits and pieces throughout the weeks and it added up haha.

I hope you all realize how much our Savior loves you all. I invite you all to deepen your relationship with him by living his gospel! Have a great week my friends!

-王姐妹 💙

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