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Young Men's Trip to Devil's Post Pile in Mammoth Lakes

It was quite a hike to get there, and a steep set of stone stairs on the way up, but here we are at the top of a CLIFF looking straight down onto the Devil's Post Pile monument area. It was spectacular. The ground up at the top is covered with nature's own hexagon shaped and similar shaped stone tiles, as if made by man, but this is nature's doing! This was one stop of many one this 4 mile mountainous hike.

This was Wednesday morning August 2. Hiking in Mammoth Lakes with the Young Men in YOSEMITE WARD, this spot was at the top of the cliff at Devil's Post Pile. We hiked steep but beautiful and spectacular trails, some at the cliff's edge of the river leading to Rainbow Falls, for about 4 miles. We saw beautiful things, including the Rainbow Falls and the magical rainbows being blown by the fast gusts of watery winds shooting out from the bottom of the falls there.

See VIDEO of this site, our DRONE SHOT, below...

This videos were shot with a Mavic 3 mini 4k drone, and an iPhone 14 in 4k mode.

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Great footage.

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