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Young Mens ZION CAMP at Millar Ranch

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

JUL 18-22 at Millar Ranch

What a week July 18-22, and I surprised myself that I was able to make it, it was so HOT and challenging. I counted the days, while we all experienced different a great things, and did really really hard things, all the youth too. I was so proud of them (especially since it was so hard for me too). Here's a video I put together of some highlights. I think you will like watching it.

(Note: you can download this video from the download button on the video)

One of the great things about our new Children and Youth program is that each youth is being challenged to become a leader in all aspects of the gospel, in all aspects of life. Four areas of growth: SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL, INTELLECTUAL, and PHYSICAL.

All four of these were met in challenges each day throughout the week.

Scripture reading. Fun games and activities. Challenges to use our minds to figure out problems, and of course the physical; demands of a two mile hike in hot heat up a 1000 foot ascent after a long day already in the sun. Challenging! Demanding! And ... rewarding.

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to be at Thursday night, having dinner in the air conditioned barn (actually more like a house with kitchen and restrooms), eating at tables, and realizing that YOU MADE IT! You were able to (I was able to) still be there, and the week behind us is now an accomplishment! A memory of hard things that we can do, even when we thought we could not.

This was a physically demanding week, for me. 100 degree heat, and lots of time in the sun, and even a hike out of the canyon below for 1.5 miles going up 1000 feet. That was hard!! Greg came to the rescue at the 80% mark, as I was probably dehydrated and a little dizzy from the heat.

The ride out, RESCUED at 80% up the hike out of the canyon. I was at my limit. Dizziness setting in and out of water! But for me, 1.5 miles of steep uphill hike was a lot to start on. One 11 year old young man passed me up and he was first to the top! The Strength of Youth!

But the ride out the rest of the way was a blast!! Here, Jamie Hansen and I are on the back part of the ATV car going up the last steep part off the fire trail road.

The first day almost did me in. I forgot to eat breakfast, then spent 4 hours in the sun setting up camp(s), I say camps because I chose the wrong spot at 7 am only to be informed that everybody else set up somewhere else at 9 am. Had to set up twice. Got low blood sugar and felt dizzy. Christa came to the rescue to bring me about 40 gatorade type drinks, water, cookies and licorice! All in a new huge IGLOO cooler with two bags of ice! She is SO GREAT!! and saved me from myself.

From what I could telll, the youth were having a great experience, each at their own pace, and also at the pace set for them like fixed meal times and activities. Here's some photos from some of those activities. Also see the video above!

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