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Starts WED August 30

and goes to FRI September 1

The Madera Vineyard for Raisins

Yosemite Ward members often participate in serving from time to time at the Madera Vineyard for growing raisins to help the needy throughout the world.  

Here you can also get information relating to upcoming schedules, the next work project(s) there, and also HOW TO Trim the Vines, harvest the Vines, Dry the Raisins, and Load the Tractor and Trailer boxes with dried raisin pouches.  It's a four step process that takes place throughout the year.

Jamie Hansen, Farm Manager Madera Vineyard
Provides the details on HOW to TRIM the VINES
(JAN 15, 2022)

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NEXT SERVICE ACTIVITY: Saturday January 22, 2022 at 8:00 am 

Jamie Hansen
Tractor and Boxing of the Raisins
Lots of Raisins in a BOX
The Raisin Pouches
Sampling a few Grapes
Dried Raisins on the Paper
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