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Young Men's AP Quorum Activity Planning

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Service and Activity Guidelines for Youth. These principles and guidelines are intended to help youth and adult leaders as they counsel together in planning meaningful service opportunities and wholesome, fun activities. These principles and guidelines can also be used as a resource in stake, ward, and youth council meetings. PRINCIPLES Activities should be planned and carried out by quorum and class leaders, with support from adult advisers. Activities should: • Strengthen the rising generation’s faith in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and help youth and their families progress along the covenant path as they meet life’s challenges. • Help youth accomplish the work of salvation and exaltation (see General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [2020], 1.2, • Provide youth with support and belonging by strengthening quorum and class unity and by building their relationships with peers, leaders, and families. • Provide balanced opportunities for youth to serve others and to develop spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually (see Luke 2:52). • Provide experiences that help young men and young women prepare to fulfill their divine roles. • Follow all Church safety and other policies and guidelines (see GUIDELINES The following guidelines may be adapted to local circumstances, under the direction of local leaders: • Hold service and activities weekly where possible. Service and activities can be held less frequently based on the needs and circumstances of quorum and class members but should be held at least monthly. • Develop a calendar for at least three months in advance. This will ensure that a balanced variety of purposeful and challenging activities, based on the principles above, are planned to meet the needs of individual quorum and class members. • Seek out opportunities for youth to provide meaningful service to individuals, families, and the community. Consider the needs and interests of each quorum and class member while encouraging them to reach out beyond themselves. • Because combined activities with young men and young women are particularly beneficial, hold them monthly where possible. Combined activities for older youth could be held more frequently. • Give youth opportunities to attend conferences and camps: ◦ Youth turning age 14 and older will attend one FSY conference every other year. Youth conferences and treks may take place in years when an FSY conference is not held. ◦ Young Women camps and Aaronic Priesthood quorum camps may be held annually. ◦ Additional overnight camps and activities may also be held. For young men, three to six additional overnight camps or activities each year are encouraged, where feasible. • Find ideas for quorum and class activities at Use For the Strength of Youth (2011) as a resource in planning activities. RESOURCES • General Handbook, chapters 10, 11, and 20 • •

POST IT IDEAS from Stake YW for youth activities Weekly Activities Lazer Tag Monkey Bread Sewing Easy 4 Step Cooking Yoga Dancing- Call Beth Lawrence 708-0777 Favorite You Tube Vidoes (was great!) Bring your favorite thing (show and tell) Personal History Skateboards & Scriptures Scented Pumpkins Dryer Vent Pumpkins Bowling Glowball Talent Show Knife Throwing Shop & Swap (combined) Mormonopoly Car maintenance Unbirthday Party Learning to Cook- have a less active sister come teach cooking Scripture Color Coding Patriarical Blessing Color Coding Care of being (Caribbean theme)- talked about self care physical/spiritual/intellectual/social “Boo-ing” decorate and deliver cookies Book of Mormon Read a thon Service Auction/fundraiser How and Why to journal Decorate Cookies with “Come in there's cake” Spa Night Paint each others nails Apply face masks Foot soak Horseback riding General Conference Quote Jars Talent Show Bob Ross Painting Making Skirts Grandmother Night (not necessarily grandmas of the girls) Homemade pretzels Skit night (combined) Father/Daughter night Pinewood Derby Family History Games Camp Locations Camp Oakhurst Milerton Dinky Creek San Simeon Sequoa Beach Mountains Edison Campground Airb-nb- Beach/ Mountains Hip camp app Camp high sierra Sunset state beach Camp Activities Gaga Ball Star Gazing w/Brother Hansen Star constalations How to journal and why Hiking Swimming Kayaking Service Camp Choir Time to just hang out Exercise Wilderness survival Firesides Edible local plants Cooking Sunset/Sunrise Hike Tie Dye Skirts Friendship Bracelets Rock Painting Scavenger Hunt Capture the flag Articles of Faith “spoons” card games Jeoparady (scriptures/disney) Pickle Ball Baking Pancake cook off Scavenger Hunt Exchange Instructing Activity Day Activity Paint by number Lake Day with a few water toys and lunch Blind Volleyball Lake Swim Nature hike Fundraiser Ideas Fundraiser Dinner and Auction Ministering Ideas Check on those who can’t attend church Leader take 2 girls to minister (text who is available) “Boo-ing” girls who are not able to make it to mutual Assign to be with mom or YW leader Make something they can share with sister We assign older girls to minister to a younger girl ( ask Beth if you want details 708-0777) Teach YW how to prepare ministering message We had a spa night then made bags for inactive girls with masks and polishes. Bake cookies and take to sisters Service Ideas Sing Christmas Carols at local assisted living center- outside if it is an option Burgers & Baptisms Adopt a backpack Days for girls Make treats and visit widows Put together hygiene kits for refugees Help someone in need, cleaning Yard Work House Cleaning Play bingo at retirement home with residents Baby sitting Writing letters to struggling ward members Wash leaders (bishop, RS pres.) cars Cleaning the church (surprise the people whose Sat it is) Cleaning rivers or parks Service for Bishop or RS President Clean Nursery toys Make singing time helps for the choriser Deliver Playdough to primary kids Service Scavenger Hunt Senior Prom- invite all senior/singles age 50+ Host a prom-music ball Service Scavenger Hunt Christmas caroling Nurses thank you bags Make playdough for primary kids Painting someones family room

Yosemite Ward YM Activities "Planning" Calendar 2022-2023
(see Calendar in TOOLS App for official activity information, under your church account)

Stake Young Mens CAMP in July.   How it went:

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