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So we crashed a car, also thanksgiving

Heya everybody! It's sure been a week! Lot of crazy stuff happening, I don't even know where to begin!

I guess I'll start with the Holiday Stroll! Me and Elder Whipple went to this big thing the town does every year where everybody comes and they hold this big parade and it's one of those deals that the whole community gets involved in. It was pretty neat! Also it was star wars themed for some reason.

Second major thing that happened this week, we crashed a car! It was super scary, but it all happened so fast I didn't have time to worry that much. We just took a turn, only our car didn't turn and we just kept going until we hit the back of a guys car parked on the side of the road.

Nobody was hurt, and in the end the guy was super chill and glad we were up front and honest with him. We'll be meeting with him again to do insurance stuff but maybe this is a good mission opportunity! God works in mysterious ways, who knows? I'm very grateful we were safe and made it out okay, and it just shows to me how God's hand works in our lives to protect us, especially as missionaries.

Finally, it was Thanksgiving (well technically Thanksgiving was before the crash but I figured you would want to know about the crash first). We had dinner with the bishop. Thanksgiving this year was really interesting, especially focused on Christ. I feel like it's actually been very helpful for me as part of the process to prepare for Christmas, because praying for and feeling grateful for all the gifts God has given us is just a really special feeling. The act of being grateful brings us more joy and makes us realize how much we are actually blessed compared to our usual perspective of always wanting more.

Anyway that about it for this week! I hope you all are feeling well and ready for Christmas!

Elder Hatch


A really big boot, at the Redwing boot store

Elder Whipple with his Holiday stroll badge

Elder Whipple being no match for the power of the dark side

A little Christmas tree we got! It's so cute!

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